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    Our membership spans the professional gamut, including Paramedics, Nurses and Communications Medics.


ATCEMS Association PAC Austin City Council Endorsements


2014 November Election Endorsements
This election the voters of Austin and Travis County with have an opportunity to elect the next generation of government officials to key positions that will impact our future and priorities. There are more than a few candidates to choose from that will make excellent leaders. With the growing challenges of keeping our community safe Emergency Medical Services will continue to play a major role in crucial matters of public safety and public health.

We want to continue to advance our practice to serve. In order to do so we need better accountability for all in top positions who are tasked to keep Austin safe. All City Council candidates have been included in our briefings and invited to attend our informational sessions and participate in interacting on our key issues. The response and participation has been overwhelming. All of the candidates almost without exception were incredibly gregarious and knowledgeable offering various feedback, solutions and support. When it came time to recommend endorsements we settled on the candidates that were exceptionally versed in our issues from their political and professional backgrounds as well as their ties to the communities in their districts and our partners in public safety.

The following candidates are endorsed by the Austin Travis County EMS Association Political Action Committee.
Austin City Council
Mayor: Mike Martinez
D1: Ora Houston
D2: Delia Garza
D3: Jose Valera
D4: Katrina Daniel
D5: Ann Kitchen
D6: Jimmy Flanagan
D8: Ed Scruggs
D10: Robert Thomas